dear normie, wake up

trump is not a republican. this is not your fathers US vs THEM situation. this is not repub vs dem. this is avg guy vs the elitists. dont be a useful idiot. look at it.

trump engineered a hostile takeover of the GOP, because that was the path to the white house.

that GOP is still mostly hostile about it. this is hard for normies on either side to understand.

trump is a touchstone. he reveals the truth about everyone else. he has revealed that washinton dc is truly a uniparty system.

did the bush family not vote for ms clinton? are the republicans not tanking these elections? did paul ryan send out mailers for the democrat [lamb] in pennsylvania? did mitch mcconnell not torpedo the republican in alabama?

if you have spent your life saying “they’re all the same”…open your eyes.

this guy is NOT one of THEM, and there will never be another like him.

if they kick him out your grandkids will grow up as slaves. slaves to the international billionaires club. the club that moved manufacturing to china and mexico. the same club that owns our media lock stock and barrel. thats why trump will never get good press. there are trillions at stake, and this is the one guy they don’t own, can’t control, and can’t blackmail.

judge this man by his enemies and a light may go on for you.

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